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Sint Maarten by night

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a couple at a restaruarnt in Sint Maarten

a couple at a restaurant in Sint Maarten

I want to come across as objective but most people fail in that domain so I will likely as well. It is not often I see a head turning person on St. Martin. I am of course making reference to their entire physical look. And it was not the goal of this blog to capture and show the trendiest. As I mentioned at the beginning, I want to just show the streets as they are. I usually focus on photographing people because there’s ‘something’ about their look, either what I understand as typical island look, or something distinguishing them, regardless of whether it falls within classic Caribbean or not.

The 2 pictures in this post are not of street style strictly speaking, they’re evidently not taken on the street and these people are dressed up for the night, so I am a little off topic here. Plus you probably can’t see very much. Yet both show head turning people.

a girl at a bar in Sint Maarten

a girl at a bar in Sint Maarten

I don’t have a big representation of this kind of shots on the blog, and I hope you are not mislead to beleive this means the actual occurrence of such people is just as low. I obviosuly don’t always have a camara with me and it’s not always possible to get that shot even if the camara is handy. Though these pictures don’t allow to fully appreciate the look of the people I am confident they convey the ambiance and certainty that these people looked great:)


Written by eliku

November 7, 2008 at 13:15

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